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Over 20+ free downloadable business tools by Strategy State. 
Strategy/Planning, Sales & Marketing, Technology, Finance & Accounting, Time Management, HR & Recruitment.
These tools will help you develop and grow your business.
Online Business Tools
As entrepreneurs and business owners, we have to wear many different hats in order to achieve success. To help us do this, there are a variety of different online tools we can utilize. 
This is the first place to search for business resources, with over 1,300 useful online business tools and dozens of specific categories to choose from.
Business Infographics
Check out Strategy State's list of great business infographics. 
We've put these together so entrepreneurs can have the right information at their fingertips.
Our infographics have all the key pieces of information you need to understand concepts and business models.
Financial Calculators
Check out our financial calculators to help grow and develop your business. We have selected the most essential business calculators that all entrepreneurs should be using.
Our calculators include Return On Investment Calculator, Margin Calculator, Loan Calculator, Discounted Cash Flow Calculator and Time Value of Money Calculator to name a few.
Email Signature Generator
Do you have your company branding on point with an amazing email signature?
When writing emails to prospects, it’s one of the first things they will notice. Having a professional and eye-catching email signature will help you get off to a great start. Remember, the only thing they will know about you at this point is what they see in your email. First impressions count, so make sure your email signature builds trust, authority and increases engagement.
Motivational Business Quotes
The life of an entrepreneur can be very demanding. You are continuously challenged, there seem to be endless battles, most of which you must handle alone. However, knowing your journey has been successfully walked before by others can be inspiring.
Our collection of over 1,200 of the best motivational business quotes, includes quotes from business gurus, leaders, and people who have inspired us with their amazing life stories.