Financial Calculators

  • ROI Calculator
  • ROE Calculator
  • ROA Calculator
  • ROS Calculator
  • ROIC Calculator
  • Margin Calculator
  • Markup Calculator
  • Break-Even Calculator
  • Discount Calculator
  • Conversion Rate Calculator
  • APY Calculator
  • Productivity Calculator
  • Time Value of Money Calculator
  • Compound Interest Calculator
  • IRR Calculator
  • DCF Calculator
  • Loan Calculator
  • Rent Calculator
  • Hourly to Salary Calculator
  • Salary to Hourly Calculator
  • NPV Calculator
  • WACC Calculator
  • CAGR Calculator
  • Present Value Calculator
  • Future Value Calculator
  • Car Depreciation Calculator

Online Financial Calculator

A financial calculator, also known as business calculator, is an electronic calculator with built - in financial functions usually needed in business and commerce organizations. This has standalone keys for various types of financial calculations and functions, making such calculations more direct compared to standard calculators. With its unique, pre-programmed functions, you can easily compute everything from ROI  to markup rate, hourly to salary computations, present and future value calculations and a whole lot more.

Online Financial Calculator

Whether you are the CEO of a large, multinational company or a venture capitalist, a small business entrepreneur, a stockbroker or a student, we know fully well that almost every transaction we face every day revolves around money. Almost everything we do has something to do with finance whether you’re shopping for a gadget, borrowing money for business, investing for your future or choosing your retirement plan. It can be overwhelming sometimes just thinking about doing the math and calculating every details especially when it is about your business. This is why online financial calculators have become so handy nowadays.

Type of Financial Calculator

There are different types of financial calculators. You can use them to help guide you in your personal financial decisions even with complex corporate financial management. The good thing about these calculators is that it covers a myriad of financial computations needed for day to day money management and investment decisions. Among the popular and widely used online financial calculators include:

  • ROI Calculator - is a type of online financial calculator that allows you to estimate the profit or loss of your investment. An ROI calculator can also be used to match the efficiency of a few investments.
  • ROE Calculator - Return on Equity calculator allows you to determine profitability by calculating how much profit the business makes with its average shareholders' equity.
  • ROA Calculator - The return on assets formula is a company's net income divided by its average of total assets. This calculator allows you to compute how profitable the company's assets are in generating profit.
  • ROS Calculator – this is an efficient tool that makes it easier for you to compute return on sales.
  • ROIC Calculator – this allows you to measure your return on invested capital and determine how profitable your investment company is in generating income from its shareholders' investments.
  • Margin Calculator - This will allow to determine an item's revenue, by inputting the cost and your desired profit margin percentage.
  • Markup Calculator – This is an essential business tool used to calculate your sale price. Just enter the original cost and the gross margin you want to calculate your ideal selling price.
  • Break-Even Calculator – This is essential for computing whether or not you make a profit and determine the number of units needed to break even.
  • Discount Calculator – This allows you to determine the discounted price of a product and the amount of money you save
  • Conversion Rate Calculator - This shows you what impact improving your website conversion rate has on your overall online sales.
  • APY Calculator – This is used to t calculate the actual interest earned on an investment over a year or annual interest yield.
  • Productivity Calculator – This provides a simple, quick way to calculate your employee’s productivity.
  • Time Value Of Money Calculator – This can be used to easily calculate the present value, future value, interest rate or fixed payment.
  • Compound Interest Calculator – Use this calculator to determine how much your money can grow on an investment or savings account.
  • Car Depreciation Calculator – This is very a handy tool that will help you estimate car’s value once it's been used.
  • Loan Calculator – This is ideal for determining ideal repayment plan, amortization and schedule and interest cost of conventional amortized loans including deferred payment loans and bonds.
  • Rent Calculator – Use this calculator to estimate the affordable monthly rental spending amount according to your income and debt level.
  • Hourly To Salary / Salary to Hourly Calculator – This can help you convert a stated wage into common periodic terms such as hourly, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, and annually or vice versa.
  • NPV Calculator – This is used for computing the net present value of an investment.
  • WACC Calculator – This is used to compute the weighted average cost of capital to find out how profitable your business is to generate your targeted income.

Using Financial Calculators For Your Business

Flawed investment evaluation has rendered most companies in debt because their analysis failed on identifying the benefits their businesses can benefit from their planned ventures. Misleading profit management caused some enterprises to lose big time. The main objective for value creation has not been understood in the first place so they have no idea how to manage it when it finally come their way. Aside from value management, some business in the past decade suffered wrongful investments by failing to come up with better cost management strategy suitable for that era. This is where financial calculators come in.

Online calculators are fast becoming popular because it can be used for myriad of things that involve finances. From managing your debts and loans to paying taxes, calculating your ROI or business planning, online financial calculators offer a lot of uses for an ordinary Joe. All you need to do is enter your details after you choose the specific calculator for your business requirement. You can complete the whole computations in less than three seconds because of its special algorithm predesigned for that specific type of calculation. Using online financial calculator can be crucial to the stability of your budget planning. These wonderful financial tools can help ease the worries of calculating your monthly payments, forecasting your retirement gains and other related stressful financial obligations.

In all walks of life, an online financial calculator offers a very handy tool to compute different aspects of your finances. Compared to a traditional calculator, the algorithms of financial calculators are pre-designed to compute specific financial problem. This allows you to quickly reduce long complex computations for every finance related problem you need to solve.