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Below is a short instructional video on how to use the Business KPI template.

Why measure business KPI’s?

One of the main reasons why so many businesses fail is because they don’t measure and analyze essential parts of their business. The quote made famous by Peter Drucker: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure!” is still accurate to this day.

Success in business can be categorized as doing many small things correctly over a long period of time. However, failing in business can be categorized as not doing many small things over a long period of time.

People often think that businesses fail because of some major mistake or error. And this is possibly true for early-stage companies. But for well-established companies with a proved track record, it almost always comes down to not measuring key matrices.

For example, over 65% of businesses that go under are profitable at the time. This means that most of these businesses were probably not measuring their cash-flow and carefully watching the funds coming in vs. going out. These types of business KPI’s would have identified potential issues well before they become problematic.

How to measure business KPI’s?

Strategy State has made the measuring of your business easier by compiling a list of the most important and essential Key Performance Indicators for any business with over 70+ KPI’s covering eight core areas.

The Business KPI’s List covers core areas such as Financial, Sales, Leads and Conversions, Sales Team, Email Marketing, Social Media, Advertising and Customer Service.

This template will help you track your “target” vs. “actual” performance each month.

Get a jump start on analyzing your company by downloading our free excel template. Each business is unique and wants to achieve different goals, so adapt this tool to your business and add additional business matrices that will ensure you grow.

This free business tool works great when developing a business after it has been fully evaluated using Strategy State’s Business Evaluation Tool.

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