Free Productivity Calendar

As entrepreneurs and business owners, there seem to never be enough hours in the day.

Strategy State’s Productivity Calendar will enable you to maximize your time by helping you become as effective and efficient as possible.

Below is a short instructional video on how to use the productivity calendar.

Business Time Management

The productivity calendar tool is structured in such a way that allows you to set up time blocks for specific activities each week. By using this time management technique, it will enable you to set aside time blocks for the tasks that will make an impact on your business.

By focusing your time on key tasks, you’ll find that you achieve much more each day/week and your business will grow.

The productivity calendar tool allows you to plan out your day in advance by using 15 minute time blocks that will ensure you accomplish specific tasks. Once you understand what your key tasks are, that are going to help drive your business forward, you can enter these into the calendar.

This will ensure the most critical tasks are completed each day without distraction or interruption.

Growth vs. Essential Time Blocks

As a business owner, when scheduling out your daily and weekly tasks, It's important to plan for both Growth time blocks and Essential time blocks.

Growth time blocks are tasks that are of the highest value to your business development. These include things such as; drawing up important documents, developing new products, meetings with potential alliance partners, etc.

Essential time blocks are tasks that are, by nature essential to the business and must be carried out to keep the business running. They include things such as checking emails, phone calls, team meetings, etc. As mentioned earlier, these tasks are important, but won’t necessarily grow the business.

You can read more here:  Essential Vs. Growth Activities In Business.

A great way to manage your time is to schedule your most important tasks for the first half of your day. This approach will ensure that you can work undistracted and achieve your high-value tasks. Then during your afternoon, you can check your emails, return phone calls and speak to team members.

By working in such a structured manner, you will bring a laser focus to the most important tasks and achieve much more growth within your business.

This free business tool works great when developing a business after it has been fully evaluated using Strategy State’s Business Evaluation Tool.

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