Free Sales Flowchart Template

Flowcharts are an essential tool to help create your systems and processes.

Streamlining the sales processes of your business will enable you to reduce stress, confusion, and grow your sales.

The team at Strategy State have put together a Sales Flowchart Template to help you create a sales flowchart that is easy to read, understand, and use.

Why you need systems and processes within your business?

One of the five deadly sins of business is; As business owners, we fail to see our company as a series of processes and systems that must be in writing

As entrepreneurs, we need to have systems and processes in place, especially for the ten most common tasks within your company.

The reason why systems and processes are so important for companies is that they provide efficient and consistent outcomes, for both your customers and team members. This makes expectations much easier to manage.                                                                                                    

Quick Facts!

  • Only 4% of businesses have written systems in place.                                    
  • Only 4% of businesses grow past $1m in Sales.                                              
  • A lack of Systems causes Stress, Confusion, and Low Productivity.
  • A lack of systems means many small businesses will not be able to grow. 
  • Typical System Gaps: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, cash flow Management, HR & Poor Reporting.

How to create your flowcharts

To create flowcharts for your business, start by noting down all the different steps that are required to complete the task. Note: You’ll also want to add situations where challenges or problems may occur.

Then take these tasks and identify them by the different types of functions. Now you can create your flowchart by logically putting the steps in place.

In some cases, it is easier to work backward from the completed task.

The image below shows the most common flowchart symbols you may need to use.

Free Sales Flowchart Template

This free business tool works great when developing a business after it has been fully evaluated using Strategy State’s Business Evaluation Tool.

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Sales Flowchart Template