Free Social Content Plan

A social content plan, outlines all of your social media marketing initiatives over a period of time. This business tool helps you organize your social content in advance, so you can plan for events well in advance.

Below is a short instructional video on how to use our social content plan template. 

Social media plan

It’s essential that every business that uses, social media as part of their marketing strategy plan, have a social content plan in place to organize their company social activities across all channels.

This is particularly important when you are operating on different platforms and running multiple campaigns.

Having a social media plan will allow you to take a birds eye view of all of your social media initiatives.

How to use the social content plan template

Our template is easy to use and contains a content plan example that will help you get started. It allows you to map out your content for all your usual social marketing platforms, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Below is an example of a planned post for Facebook.

As you can see, it shows when the post will be published (date and time). Where it is being published, the imaged to be used, the details and content to be used. It also has links to the URL and hashtags to be added to the post.

Free Social Content Plan
Free Social Content Plan

The magical part of using a social media content plan is that you can batch your efforts for a few months in advance in a short period of time.

Once you have your social media content plan set up, it can be easily executed and monitored by administrative staff.

Additionally, when you have your social content plan all set up, it’s a great idea to use social management software. Popular software that allows you to automatically publish posts includes Hootsuite and Buffer.

This free business tool works great when developing a business after it has been fully evaluated using Strategy State’s Business Evaluation Tool.

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Social Content Plan