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Strategy State's evaluation tool is the easiest and most affordable way to develop any business. An online business analysis tool that arms you with the in-depth knowledge you need to make your business grow. 

Business Growth Tool

Why evaluate your business?

Most Owners of Failed Businesses Wish They’d Known This Before It Was Too Late…

Knowledge is power. Yet many entrepreneurs choose to run their business with blinders on, oblivious to the looming consequences of what’s right in front of them. Their stories may have had a different ending, if only they’d acknowledged the truth in time.

The Solution:

Introducing the Business Evaluation Tool

The Business Evaluation Tool makes the process of evaluating your business quick and easy. Our tool empowers business owners to complete a full evaluation of their business at a rate that is affordable, arming you with the in-depth knowledge required to develop your business.

  • Gain the peace of mind of knowing your business is on the right path
  • Increase profits while working far fewer hours
  • Crush the competition in your market
  • Get expert business consulting at a one time low price
Choose your package

Choose your plan

Ready to start growing your business?
The first step is to select the plan that best suits you, depending on the size of your business.
Select from Solo, Small or Medium options.
You'll then receive a link to start the evaluation process.
Complete the evaluation

Complete the evaluation

The analysis covers areas that are specifically designed to evaluate your business.
These include: Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resource, Leadership & Wellbeing, Accounting and Finance, Operations and Technology.
Review your results

Review your results

Our software will analyze the results from your evaluation.
You will receive a customized Evaluation Report, Areas of Improvement Resource and 100 Day Action Plan. These resources will provide you with all the tools you need to start making significant improvements to your business.

About the evaluation tool

How we can help improve your business?

To improve any business, the first thing that needs to happen is an evaluation. Business owners need to audit their business to understand where the company’s strengths and weaknesses are, and what actions take priority in order to grow their business.

With the Business Evaluation Tool, we make the evaluation process easy and affordable. Our tool enables business owners to complete a full evaluation of their business.

Choose the plan that suits you, complete the questionnaire, and begin the path to improving your company today.

How it works

Our business evaluation process covers:

  • 185-240 Questions*
  • 9 Sections*
  • 43 Subsections*
Increase profits and say goodbye to waste
You only need to enter a few details, then select the choices that are specific to your business.
You can complete the whole evaluation in less than an hour.
Strategy States powerful algorithm will do the rest!

The results you get:

Business Evaluation Report – A detailed evaluation report that includes an overall score for your business, a score for each of the 9 major areas of the business, and a score for each of the 43 subsections within the business.

Areas of Improvement – Best practices to improve all areas of your business. This includes tips for each of the business’s 43 subsections, with over 200 ways to help grow and develop any business.

100 Day Action Plan – A guide to help you make improvements to your business. We have included a 100-Day Action Plan to get you and your team focused on the next stage of growth. Use this as a guide to help you develop key areas within your business.

Features to drive your business success

Quickly & easily evaluate your business

Expert questions to help uncover potential growth

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Packed with hundreds of tips to help you grow

Find undiscovered “gaps” within your business

Over 70+ pages of info specifically on your business


Start growing your business today!

Choose the plan best fits your business.


Solo Operators




  • 180+ Questions
  • 33 Page Report on Your Business
  • 34 Page Areas of Improvement Report
  • 100 Day Action Plan



Under 5 Staff




  • 220+ Questions
  • Additional Team Questions
  • 36 Page Report on Your Business
  • 38 Page Areas of Improvement Report
  • 100 Day Action Plan



5+ Staff




  • 240+ Questions
  • More In-Depth Questions
  • Team & Leadership Questions
  • Strategy Question
  • 36 Page Report on Your Business
  • 38 Page Areas of Improvement Report
  • 100 Day Action Plan



How can I use the Evaluation Tool to develop my business?

What stage, type or size of business is suited to an evaluation?

What do I get with each evaluation tool report?

What format do I get my business evaluation in?

How long does it take to complete the report?

Are my credit card details safe when purchasing?

What happens to my evaluation once I have finished it?

What happens to the data I put into the evaluation tool? Is it kept private?

Can I get a refund?

Why have we created this powerful solution?

Powerful solution for business ownersWhen I first started out in business, like anyone, I spoke to people I knew who had experience. Over time, I found out that they only knew about their own industry niche. Their insights were specific and limited to their business. Although it was well-intentioned, their advice didn’t help me with what I was trying to achieve.

For example, I had discussions with people who had been in business for 20+ years, and I asked them about how to gain sales. Often the response was something like, “Oh, I get my sales through word of mouth.”

Great for them, but as someone just starting out, their advice did nothing for me. I had no track record or a large database of previous clients, so relying on word of mouth would get me nowhere.

No, I needed specific information that was directly related to my unique business. To the challenges and struggles I was encountering. Information that would give me answers about what I could do to overcome them, and how to help my business develop and grow.

But I couldn’t afford $2,000 per month for a business coach or consultant. Heck, I had plowed everything I had into the business just to get it off the ground. I was strapped for cash and living week to week.

I needed to find a way to learn what I needed. To gain knowledge that would specifically help my business, at a price I could afford.

Simply fill out the questionnaire

Fill Out The Questionnaire

We’ve created a simple, fill in the blank questionnaire that guides you through all the key questions to evaluate your business.

Just read the questions, select your responses, and our software will generate the resources to help you grow and develop your business.

Grow using our in-depth business analysis

We have identified the best business analysis questions to evaluate your business.

These questions have been trilled, tested and improved over decades to produce the best business evaluation questions in the world.

When completed, you’ll simply review your business evaluation, then apply the best strategies to help grow your business.

in-depth business analysis

Ready to start growing your business?

  •  Gain an in-depth analysis of your business
  •  Look at your business from a strategic view like never before
  •  Identify your most significant risks, then sort them out
  •  Find out where your best opportunities are
  •  Grow your sales by identifying the best marketing tactics for your business
  •  Analyze time management and production opportunities
  •  Gain a competitive edge by beating your competitors in every area of business